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Beta version 1.0.170 (453)

  • Reduced the memory consumption a lot if "Improve speed with graphics cache" is turned on. When this option is turned on, CalenGoo draws the currently visible calendar view into a bitmap and when scrolling the view, it has to copy only the bitmap into the correct place to get a smooth scrolling. However unexpectedly the Android draw function keeps the bitmap after it has been drawn. And it still keeps it after the user has switched to a different calendar view (day/week/month/...). So to fix it CalenGoo will now remove the old calendar view when the user switches to a different view, which causes the memory to be freed.
  • Added a menu entry to snooze events until a certain time.
  • The calendar selection bar can now cross out unselected calendars.
  • Added options to change the watch face colors.
  • The vibration is now stopped together with the sound.