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Beta version 1.0.176 (910)

  • Bug fix for displaying status bar reminders for recurring events.
  • Bug fix for switching back to the old icon.
  • Bug fix for importing subscribed webcal calendars.
  • Bug fix for the status icons color for all-day events in the day view.
  • Additional options for the task widget.
  • Bug fix for NullPointerExceptions in the main view.
  • When selecting a location in the edit view, a Google Maps link to the place (including ratings and other information) can now be saved into the description field. It can be configured under "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Create Google Maps Link in description when selecting a location". Using the link the location can be opened in Google Maps to see further details and e.g. reviews.
  • It is now possible to dismiss birthday notifications if "Settings > Display and Use > General > Keep in notification bar for the whole day" is turned off.
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