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Beta version 1.0.175 (848)

  • Workaround for devices that do not support the "primary" flag for calendars.
  • Added a "Multiple dates" option to the copy menu of the detail view to copy an event onto multiple dates.
  • Added a separate log for the silent during events/night mode ("Settings > Reminders > Silent... > Log").
  • Added another option "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Display HTML in descriptions as > Only <br> tags" that just converts <br> tags into linefeeds and back. This is useful if you have descriptions that contain a lot of Markdown characters (e.g. "*") without these characters actually being Markdown commands.
  • Added an option "Settings > Display and Use > Day view > Display midnight instead of end time for overnight events" that can be turned off to see the end time instead of midnight for overnight events.
  • Speed improvement for the horizontally scrollable month view.
  • When the search view is automatically refreshed after an event was opened, it preserves its scroll position now.