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Beta version 1.0.170 (462)

This version adds an option to display all-day events in a separate sidebar instead of at the top. To get this style just open "Settings > Display and Use > Day view" and turn "Narrow timeline" and "All-day events in separate sidebar" on.
  • Trying another workaround for devices with an unreliable JobScheduler.
  • Added a function to undelete Google tasks ("Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Undelete tasks").
  • The calendar view can now tint the system status bar at the top with the background color of CalenGoo's status bar.
  • Added a sidebar mode for the day view.
  • Bug fix for a crash.
  • Bug fix, recurring tasks were accidentally moved forward twice when using the "Dismiss all" button.
  • Bug fix for the landscape day view when using certain time zones (e.g. Paraguay).