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Beta version 1.0.175 (800)

  • Speed improvements
  • Bug fix for the all-day area of the day view: When a sync was performed the all-day area scrolled automatically back to the top.
  • The Android Wear "Agenda" app can now display the next seven days of events.
  • Moved and disabled the remote SMS logging option.
  • When uploading an attachment the progress is now displayed.
  • Improved the import of ICS files. If an ICS file is sent to CalenGoo, e.g. from a file manager, and it contains more than one entry, a list of events is displayed and you can select which events should be imported.
  • Bug fix for displaying the events in the week view.
  • Added an option to move "this&future" events when using drag&drop.
  • Bug fix for SMS messages in tasks.
  • Added an option to ignore completed events when using the "silent during events" function.
  • Bug fix for viewing large fonts in the task view
  • Bug fix for an ANR when downloading webcal calendars at midnight.
  • Bug fix for muting SMS reminders in tasks.
  • The "copy to clipboard" function in the detail view now also copies the title of the event into the normal Android clipboard.