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Beta version 1.0.172 (557)

  • Trying to increase the "targetSDK" as a test to fix a certain compatibility bug under Android 7.1.
  • Removed an unnecessary redraw of the calendar views when resuming (instead of restarting) CalenGoo.
  • The new reminder types are now correctly sorted in the detail view.
  • One can now see in the edit view which pop-up type (after start, before end, ...) was selected when tapping the "pop-up" button.
  • Removed usage of www.ssl-id.de .
  • Bug fix, it was accidentally possible to copy events into read-only calendars in the detail view.
  • Sync log entries are now saved in the background to not block the main thread if the database is somehow blocked.
  • Bug fix for the CSV export.
  • Added a CSV export function under "Settings > Print" when the style "Agenda" is selected.
  • Bug fix for the edit view: When editing a recurring event, changing the start- or end time and then rotating the device the start and end time was accidentally reverted.