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Beta version 1.0.177 (1093)

  • Bug fix for showing Google tasks in the correct order. Google has changed the way the tasks are returned (they are now returned in a random order) so CalenGoo has to sort them by itself now (using information about the order that Google delivers).
  • Improvement for displaying weekday names in Portuguese in the columns week view.
  • Translations
  • Bug fix for using "Turn phone silent during events" and "Current time line displays local time (ignores time zone)" together.
  • Bug fix for copying events with attendees.
  • Bug fix for moving a subtask upwards directly under its parent task in the agenda view.
  • The week view uses the task list's color instead of the overdue color for the checkbox now.
  • Added a filter/search/sort function for selecting Evernote notes.
  • The agenda view now displays the full date in addition of the words "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" when using relative dates.
  • Bug fix for a permission problem when the access to the Android calendar was not granted.
  • Bug fix for a permission message.