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Beta version 1.0.177 (982)

  • Bug fix for adding CalDAV task accounts.
  • Added a way to open the Android notification settings from the "Settings > Reminders" screen (requires Android 8.0 or newer).
  • Bug fix for finding matching SMS phone numbers if multiple contacts were found.
  • Bug fix for sending an email to all attendees after modifying an event.
  • Bug fix for the "last calls" list.
  • Added a way to save settings files with the current date and time and to choose from all available files when importing the settings file.
  • Bug fix for completing tasks using the agenda widget and opening event and tasks from the widget.
  • When attaching a photo using the camera it can now be resized.
  • Improved the start time that is used for an event when "all-day" is turned off.
  • When searching and selecting a contact via the auto completion function of the event's title field, a replace/append dialog is now displayed if there is already content in the location or description fields of the event.
  • Bug fix for a NullPointerException when snoozing an event that could not be found any more.