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Beta version 1.0.172 (555)

  • Bug fix for the edit view: When editing a recurring event, changing the start- or end time and then rotating the device the start and end time was accidentally reverted.
  • As a test to check if it increases the speed displaying the attendee icons can now be turned off.
  • Added an option to turn crossing out completed events in the detail view off.
  • Changed the way the weather is displayed in the events.
  • Bug fix for attaching photos on devices where certain apps are not installed and for saving files to Google Drive.
  • New option to change the color of the vertical lines between the days in the landscape day view.
  • "New event by voice" action for the volume up/down buttons.
  • Bug fix, the repeat alarm in the notification pop-up is now stopped when tapping the "Snooze all" button. Otherwise the snooze options could disappear when the notification pop-up was displayed again due to the repeating alarm.
  • Added an option to display the weather temperatures in a shorter format.
  • Bug fix for overnight events in the agenda view.
  • Added new "Event Discovery" version.
  • Bug fix for sending support emails.
  • When the sync of tasks was blocked (e.g. due to network problems) it could also block read accesses to the tasks and thus freeze CalenGoo while displaying tasks. This should be fixed now.
  • Added am/pm color configuration options for the times in the landscape day view.
  • Bug fix for overnight events in the agenda view.
  • Bug fix for the reminders that are e.g. before/after the end of the event.