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New version 1.0.105

  • Added an optional year view ("Settings", "Display and Use", "Year view", "Enabled")
  • Added support for Tasker ("Settings", "Reminders", "Inform Tasker")
  • Bug fixes for Android 4.3 on HTC One. After the HTC One got the Android 4.3 update, CalenGoo’s day view wasn’t displayed correctly any more. Instead only a black screen was displayed. The reason was that this HTC version of the Android 4.3 update forces the apps to use GPU acceleration. However the scrollable view of the day view was too large for the GPU acceleration to display it and thus a black screen was displayed instead. To fix this a new kind of scrollable view was implemented which works fine even with GPU acceleration turned on now. So even if you don’t have a HTC One you can try to turn "Settings", "Display and Use", "Maintenance", "Hardware acceleration" on and check if it is faster/smoother afterward. After turning it on (or off) you have to completely exit CalenGoo before the new settings takes effect. To completely exit CalenGoo just press the back button multiple times until you are back on the home screen.
  • Bug fixes for Android 4.4