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New version 1.0.129

  • Fixed a bug where a contact for an attendee with an empty email address was loaded.
  • When syncing via OAuth2 with "Edit view", "Show time zones" turned off, recurring events were not uploaded correctly. This has been fixed now. Existing recurring events that were not uploaded yet should be automatically uploaded during the next sync.
  • Support for displaying Evernote reminders has been added. Just add your Evernote account under "Settings", "Accounts", "Add account", "Evernote".
  • Tried to add a workaround for a bug in Android 4.4.2 where the reminder pop-up is sometimes displayed behind the home screen icons.
  • When "free" events were displayed as centered banners in the month view, the title was displayed multiple times with different transparency levels. This has been fixed now.
  • Added a small cloud symbol to the new detail view which is displayed if the displayed event hasn't been synced with Google Calendar yet.
  • Added a warning to the detail view that is displayed if an event has no instances and thus won't be displayed due to a bug in the Android calendar.
  • Added an option to display the week as columns in the widget. However this is only a very simple solution, it is planned to improve the design in the future.
  • In the headers of the tasks view the number of contained tasks can be displayed. Now the number is separated into completed and uncompleted tasks.
  • The month widget 4x4 can now display all-day events without a background bar if this was configured for the month view ("Settings", "Display and Use", "Month view").
  • Support for linking events to Evernote Notes has been added. They can be added from the menu of the description editor and the menu of the edit screen ("Attach", "Evernote"). Additionally you can write [Evernote:Title] where "Title" is the title of your note into the description of an event to link a note manually. Linked Evernote notes can be opened from the detail view. Current CalenGoo knows only the title of each note, so to view the full note the Evernote app is started (and has to be installed for this purpose).
  • Tasks in events function: If you use this function in a recurring event, the single instances are checked off separately in the detail view (i.e. a recurrence exception is created before checking off the task).
  • Bug fix for syncing Emojis via OAuth2 Login.
  • Improved natural language input mode (e.g. via CalenGoo's "Voice" shortcut).
  • Android Wear support: Android Wear app to create events and tasks and when using notification reminders there are also options to snooze the reminders
  • New visual option for the month view: "Settings", "Display and Use", "Month view", "Time bars instead of text" displays the events of the day in time bars similar to the day view.
  • Added a silent sound file under "Settings", "Reminders", "Choose sound", "No sound (silent alarm)". This can be useful if "Different sounds for different calendars" is turned on to mute a certain calendar.