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New version 1.0.129

  • Support for Android Wear, e.g. an Android Wear app to create events and tasks.
  • Evernote accounts can be added and notes can be linked to events.
  • Evernote reminders are displayed in the calendar views.
  • Optional new design for the edit view ("Settings", "Display and Use", "Edit view", "New design")
  • Time bars mode for the month view.
  • Improved creation of events by voice (via the "CalenGoo Voice 1x1" widget).
  • Bug fixes


New version 1.0.127

A new detail view is now available ("Settings", "Display and Use", "Detail view", "New design").

New version 1.0.126

Fixed several bugs, added an optional "delete" button also for tasks in the reminders pop-up and snoozed reminders are now automatically removed when the corresponding event/task is deleted or completed.

New version 1.0.125

This version fixes a crash in the edit view under Android 4.1 and earlier. It will be available in the next few hours on Google Play. If you need it earlier, please send an email to android@calengoo.com . As a workaround you can turn "Settings", "Display and Use", "Edit view", "Edit title full screen" on.

New version 1.0.124

Several bugs were fixed, e.g. in right-to-left mode when the automatic search for matching contacts was turned on, the first 4-5 entered characters were not visible because they were displayed outside of the screen.