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New version 1.0.170

CalenGoo can now sync tasks with additional servers via CalDAV (e.g. Yahoo, ownCloud and iCloud). Attachments can now be uploaded to Google Drive so that you can see them on the Google Calendar website (http://calendar.google.com) and on other devices, too. Many small new functions have been added and existing functions have been improved. E.g. it is now optionally possible to display all-day events in a sidebar instead of at the top of the screen in the day view.

Bug fix update on November 26th: The functionality has not been changed but a few bugs have been fixed (see "Read more" below).


New version of CalenGooDialer

A new version of CalenGooDialer has been released, which adds translations for several new languages (but doesn’t change its function in any way).

New version 1.0.169

This version fixes a few bugs and adds new keywords for the CalenGooSMS app to insert the location and calendar into an event ("LOCATION" and "CALENDAR").

New version 1.0.168

This version has only fixed a few bugs.

New version 1.0.167

New agenda widgets and a year widget have been added. Additionally it is now easier to configure the widgets by choosing a preconfigured widget from a gallery. When entering locations you can search nearby places. Weather and sunrise/sunset can be displayed. Using an additional (free with a small ad) app CalenGooSMS you can automatically send SMS reminders to yourself or your customers. And you can view a list of all birthdays of your contacts.

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