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New version 1.0.163

This version reverted the way how the month widget is displayed back to how it was before version 1.0.161. Because version 1.0.161 should have fixed certain problems that occur on some devices by displaying the month widget in a different way. However this new way then caused problems on other devices so it has been reverted for the time being.

New version 1.0.161

Optional support for Material time and date pickers has been added and CalenGoo can now call conference call numbers by using an additional CalenGoo Dialer app.

New version 1.0.160

A few bugs have been fixed, e.g. the checkbox for floating and completable events in the notification pop-up marked whole recurring events as completed instead of only a single event of a series.

New version 1.0.159

It is now possible to view Google Calendar attachments in CalenGoo. I.e. files that you have attached on the Google Calendar website will appear in the event details in CalenGoo (when syncing CalenGoo directly with Google Calendar):

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.55.20

Additionally there is now a small add-on app under "Settings > Public calendars" that allows you to subscribe to a huge amount of public calendars for a small yearly fee. These calendars also contain sports calendars that are updated daily to contain the latest results.

In the same menu you can directly subscribe to free Google holiday calendars, too. And it is certainly still possible to subscribe to free public calendars in Google Calendar and view them in CalenGoo.

New version 1.0.157

This version fixes only a few bugs.