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New version 1.0.159

It is now possible to view Google Calendar attachments in CalenGoo. I.e. files that you have attached on the Google Calendar website will appear in the event details in CalenGoo (when syncing CalenGoo directly with Google Calendar):

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.55.20

Additionally there is now a small add-on app under "Settings > Public calendars" that allows you to subscribe to a huge amount of public calendars for a small yearly fee. These calendars also contain sports calendars that are updated daily to contain the latest results.

In the same menu you can directly subscribe to free Google holiday calendars, too. And it is certainly still possible to subscribe to free public calendars in Google Calendar and view them in CalenGoo.

New version 1.0.157

This version fixes only a few bugs.

New version 1.0.155

The new Android 5 design is now turned on by default for new users. But you can still choose the old design under "Settings > Design > Design > Android 2".


New version 1.0.151

A dark scheme has been added ("Settings > Design > Design > Android 5", "Style > Dark"), the agenda view can now display colored dots and the sync speed has been improved.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 23.34.13


New version 1.0.149

This update adds a new design that you can activate by setting "Settings", "Design", "Design" to "Android 5". It changes the style of the day view, agenda view and detail view. In the future this "Android 5" design will be improved further.