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Can CalenGoo sync with Outlook or Exchange?

CalenGoo for Android cannot sync with Outlook or Exchange by itself. But there are nevertheless two ways how to sync CalenGoo with Outlook:
Syncing the Android calendar with Exchange
If your device can already sync the Android calendar with Outlook or Exchange, CalenGoo can access and modify this calendar. E.g. on Motorola devices there is the special “Corporate calendar” app and on HTC devices there is an “Exchange” calendar in the normal calendar list. Some vendors deliver PC software with their phones (like Samsung KIES) to sync the Android calendar with Outlook via USB. So if you can sync the Android calendar with Outlook somehow, you can use CalenGoo with that calendar, too.

It may be necessary to turn “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Maintenance”, “Trigger upload immediately (Exchange)” on in CalenGoo to force an upload after you have made some changes with CalenGoo. And if you have problems that events are not deleted in Exchange, please turn “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Maintenance”, “Force upload of many deletes (Exchange)” on.

Another option is to install a 3rd party app that can sync the Android calendar with Exchange like “Enhanced Email”. It can do the same as the built-in functions mentioned above, i.e. it can sync the Android calendar with Exchange so that CalenGoo can be used with your Exchange account.
Syncing Outlook with Google Calendar
Or you can sync Outlook with Google Calendar by using e.g. a commercial solution like GSyncIt. Then CalenGoo can simply sync with Google Calendar and this way sync with your Outlook calendar, too.

Syncing CalenGoo indirectly with Outlook and Exchange

Adding an Exchange Server on HTC devices

On HTC devices you should be able to sync with Exchange in the following way: Start the “Settings” app, choose “Accounts & sync”, “Add account”, “Exchange ActiveSync” and add your Exchange server:

Afterward you Exchange calendars and events should appear in a calendar called “Exchange” and you should be able to see and edit them with CalenGoo.

Outlook categories

Outlook’s categories are used to assign colors to events. They are similar to Google’s calendars. As described above, CalenGoo cannot sync directly with Exchange/Outlook yet, it can only be synced via the Android calendar. So to see these Outlook category colors in CalenGoo, you have to get them into the Android calendar. For this purpose your Exchange/Outlook sync app should sync the Outlook categories to different Android calendars. Then you can see your events in different colors in the Android stock calendar app and in CalenGoo. If your Exchange/Outlook sync app doesn’t do this, then you can contact the vendor of that software and ask him if this can be changed.

A solution that works is to sync Outlook with Google Calendar via GSyncIt. GSyncIt can be configured to sync different Outlook categories to different Google calendars (and this way to different Android calendars). When syncing this way, you and see and use your Outlook categories in CalenGoo.