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Using icons in events

Google Labs has a feature called “Event Flair”. It can be used to assign icons to events. You can enable it by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Google Calendar website, selecting “Labs” and setting “Event Flair” to “Enabled”.

(If the "Event Flair" Lab doesn’t work, you can also try to use a 3rd party alternative like this one: https://eventflairs.appspot.com/)

In CalenGoo you can use icons for calendars that are directly synced with Google Calendar. Calendars that are synced via Android cannot contain icons. So the icon section in the edit view will only appear if a directly synced calendar is selected for this event. To sync directly with Google Calendar you have to add your Google Calendar account under “Menu”, “Settings”, “Accounts” in CalenGoo. To prevent getting duplicates, you should disable your Android account under “Menu”, “Settings”, “Accounts” afterward. And you should set another default calendar under “Menu”, “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Edit view”, “Default calendar”.

Then you can simply start using icons: Tap “Menu”, “Settings”, “Icons” and then tap “Download all Google icons” to download some icons. These icons will be available afterward when you create new events for one of the calendars that are directly synced with Google Calendar.

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 08.17.49Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 08.18.50
The icons that you assign to your events are also displayed in Google Calendar even if the “Event flair” feature is not turned on:

Downloading additional icons

If you would like to download additional icons, please tap “Settings”, “Icons”, “Download icon list” and enter “http://www.calengoo.com/icons/icons.txt” to download 100 additional icons from www.famfamfam.com and "http://www.calengoo.com/icons/iconse1.txt" to download 1833 icons provided free by Emoji One. Please note that you can use icons only in directly synced Google Calendars.

Adding own icons

You can add own icons in the same way as the “famfamfam” icons above. But because Google Calendar needs to download them when displaying your calendar, they must be saved on a web server. To add your own icons just follow these steps:
  1. Upload your icons (usually 16x16 px PNG files or e.g 32x32 for high res icons for the retina display) to a web server.

    If you don’t have a web server, you can create a free Dropbox account and copy your files into the public folder of your Dropbox. Then right-click these files and choose “Dropbox”, “Copy public link” to get the address of this file. Using these addresses you can create a list of icons (see steps 2-4). But you must not remove these files afterward from your public folder, because they will be loaded by Google Calendar every time you use the Google Calendar website and an event with that icon is displayed (i.e. it won’t save the icon, the Google Calendar website will download it again every time it needs it).
    When using Dropbox you have to ensure that the link points directly to the file, not to a Dropbox webpage that just shows the file. The "Copy public link" function should already create the correct link. Direct links in Dropbox usually start with "https://dl.dropbox.com" and not with "https://www.dropbox.com".

    Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 19.40.16
  2. Create a text file that contains the URLs of all your icons, one per line:


  3. Upload this text file to your web server, too.
  4. Tap “Settings”, “Icons”, “Download icon list”, enter the URL of your text file and tap “Done”. CalenGoo will now download all icons referenced in the text file.

Setting and removing default calendar icons

It is possible to set a default icon for all events in a calendar. You can do that by clicking the blue button at the end of the line under "Settings > Visibility/Download" or by tapping the calendar's name in the event's detail view. Then you can choose an icon for the calendar or you can remove the icon by selecting the first item in the list: