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Pop-up reminder problems

If you have problems with the pop-up reminders, i.e. that they don’t appear at all or not all the time, please do the following:
  • Ensure that “Settings”, “Reminders”, “Activate reminders” and “Reminders for Android calendars” is turned on in CalenGoo. “Reminders for Android calendars” is necessary if you would like to get reminders for events that are synced via Android (instead of directly with Google, please see here for differences: Accounts).
  • Tap “Upcoming reminders” (above the “Test” button) and check if your pop-up reminders are displayed. There you can see scheduled future reminders and also past reminders. Additionally it shows which past reminders were displayed (lines with a small clock symbol).
    If your events are not listed under "Upcoming reminders" then open the events in CalenGoo and check if they contain any "pop-up" reminders at all. CalenGoo displays only "pop-up" reminders itself, so you have to add "pop-up" reminders to your events to get a notification for the event.
  • Ensure that CalenGoo’s “BackgroundSync” process is running correctly, please see here: Background process
  • Check if the time of the “Next scheduled reminder” is correct under “Settings”, “Reminders”, “Information” (at the end of the list). It should display the next scheduled reminder, i.e. the next occurring “pop-up” reminder that you have added to your events (please see above how to add “pop-up” reminders to your events).

  • Tap the “Test” button under “Settings”, “Reminders”, “Information” to see if a reminder can be correctly displayed by CalenGoo.
  • Check the output under “Settings”, “Information”, “Log”. It should contain entries like “Schedule reminder wakeup on...”, “Notification”, “Reminder wakeup” that should indicate if CalenGoo tried to display a reminder.
  • If you have a Sony device, please ensure that either the "Stamina mode" is turned off or that CalenGoo was added as an exception (in the "Settings" app under "Power management", "Stamina mode", "+ Add applications". Otherwise CalenGoo will be stopped when the screen is turned off and cannot display any reminders.
  • If you have a MIUI device, you seem to have to install an "Alarm time fix" for your device to make it wake up CalenGoo properly to display the reminders: http://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/task-apps-do-not-trigger-reminders.22468/
  • If you have a Huawei device, you probably have to add CalenGoo to the "Protected applications" section in the "Settings" app. Otherwise it is killed when the screen is turned off and cannot display reminders reliably.

If your CalenGoo reminders work now but you get all reminders twice because you get a reminder from CalenGoo and another from the stock calendar app, you can disable the reminders of the stock calendar app as described here: Disable stock calendar reminders

If the insist option doesn’t work, i.e. the sound stops by itself, please try to Disable stock calendar reminders, too.

And if you get the reminders displayed but no sound is played, please ensure that the volume for “Notification” sounds is loud enough. You can configure it in the “Settings” app under “Sound”, “Volume”:

Volume for notifications

Pop-up options to wake the screen

If you use CalenGoo’s pop-up reminder window, you can configure it to turn the screen of your phone on when a reminder is displayed. Just turn
  • "Settings", "Reminders", "Show pop-up window" on to get the pop-up window.
  • "Display multiple events in pop-up window" to get the new pop-up window that supports turning the screen on
  • "Wake screen" to turn the screen on when a reminder is displayed
  • "Unlock screen" to unlock your phone automatically so that you can see the reminder screen even if you use a lock screen
  • "Unlock secure lock screens" to display the reminder screen even if you use a lock screen that requires a PIN or another security feature (this might not work on all devices)