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License problems or problems downloading updates

If CalenGoo displays a red warning that your license could not be found or if you cannot download updates from the Google Play Store (but have bought it there), please first try to clear the cache of the Google Play Store app:
  1. Start the “Settings” app.
  2. Tap “Applications”, “Manage applications”, “All”, “Google Play Store”, “Clear cache”
  3. Start CalenGoo and check if the message has vanished or if you can download the updates.

If this didn’t help, then please try the following:
  1. Turn "Settings", "Display and Use", "Maintenance", "Move DB to SD card" in CalenGoo on to move CalenGoo's database to your SD card (so it won't be deleted when you delete the app).
  2. Uninstall CalenGoo using the "Settings" app (under "Applications", "Manage Applications", "CalenGoo", "Uninstall").
  3. Start the "Play Store" app. Open the "My apps" tab and search if you can find CalenGoo (if you cannot find it, choose "Accounts" from the "Play Store"'s menu and ensure that you are using the correct Google account). Download it again from that section:


    Afterward CalenGoo should automatically find its database and you shouldn't loose any settings or data. You can also turn "Move DB to SD card" off again if you like.
If it doesn't work, if it asks you to purchase the app again, then please contact me under android@calengoo.com and tell me your original order number. You can find it under http://wallet.google.com/manage .

License warning under CM 11 (nightly/unstable as of September 2014)

There seems to be a bug in CyanogenMod 11 that causes the license response from Google Play to be either malformed or the Android functions to check the signature of the license response to be corrupt. Anyway the result is that Google’s official license checking code is unable to check the license under CM 11 (nightly/unstable) and a license warning may be displayed.