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Beta version 1.0.181 (1453)

  • Delays the backup up to 12 hours or until a network connection is available if the backup is also saved into Google Drive.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1452)

  • Bug fix for a NullPointerException in a debug function.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1451)

  • Better warnings if backups fail.
  • Using the old backup path if possible.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1450)

  • Added a configuration option for the color of the add button.
  • Bug fix for linking attachments into events.
  • Bug fix for the undo bar in the search view.
  • The color for the undo bar can now be configured.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1449)

  • Bug fix for checking the high contrast mode on Android 4.3.