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New version 1.0.170

  • Support for syncing tasks with CalDAV servers (e.g. ownCloud, Yahoo, iCloud)
  • Support for uploading attachments to Google Drive so that you can see your attachments in Google Calendar, too.
  • Improved reminder time picker
  • Added a sidebar mode for the day view ("Settings > Display and Use > Day view > All-day events in separate sidebar" but only if "Settings > Design > Design" is set to "Android 5").
  • Multi select function for the task view
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes (including a bug fix for a crash when selecting a contact)

Bug fix update on November 26th:

  • Bug fix for NotificationCompat 24 and 25 (25.0.1). Under Android 2.2 it caused a crash when displaying the sync notification icon so it has been reverted to 23.1.1.
  • Bug fix for adding iCloud accounts to sync tasks.
  • Bug fix for adding an ownCloud account to sync tasks.
  • Changed the default selection for "What should happen if you wait a few minutes before snoozing the reminder" to "Snooze from original time" because that's how it worked before.
  • Added menu items to hide all/show all icons in the "Settings > Icons > Hide some icons" screen.
  • The "Settings > Reminders" screen now shows if the "CalenGoo AlarmManager Helper" is used.
  • Bug fix, when copying an event the Google Drive attachments were accidentally not copied.
  • Bug fix, the color of the 5-30 minute lines in the day view could not be changed.
  • Improved the speed of the "Snooze" button in notifications.
  • Bug fix for "snooze until" in am/pm mode.
  • Bug fix for displaying the date on the Android Wear watch face on small screens.