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New version 1.0.171

• When inserting a "previous call" the address of the matching contact is now also copied into the event (if configured under "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view").
• Templates can now be exported/imported to/from Google Drive (like the settings).
• Bug fixes

• Added an option to select a date in the Material date picker immediately without tapping "OK" ("Settings > Display and Use > General > Date picker > Select date immediately").
• Added a function to select a default account for contacts (under "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view") if your phone has multiple contact accounts.
• The Android 5 style agenda view now also supports inverting the font color if necessary (and if configured under "General").
• Added an option to automatically edit the end time of an event after the start time has been edited ("Settings > Display and Use > Edit view >Automatically edit end time after start time").
• The day view can now also display all-day events over multiple lines if "Collapse" is selected.
• Added an optional "copy&edit" button to the detail view.
• Added an option to display task notes in the agenda widget with the simple style.
• Added the option to create a new event by tapping the date header also for the simple style of the agenda widget.
• Added a new option under "Settings > Contact notifications" to display the SMS symbol also for events where the title of the event is searched in the contacts. This can be useful when creating these events e.g. from the Google Calendar website to see if CalenGoo has found matching contacts and will send an SMS. However it might slow down the day view because the contacts have to be searched for each event. That's why this function is turned off by default.
• Added a "Settings > Support" menu to send support emails directly from within the app.

Bug fix update on January 6th:

  • Bug fix for using drag&drop for the first entry in the week view with the new design.
  • Bug fix, when tapping the date in Nova Launcher, CalenGoo was not offered as an option.
  • Bug fix for displaying week numbers in the week view, they were accidentally displayed on every day.