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New version 1.0.126

  • Fixed a bug regarding the display of right-to-left languages in the edit view.
  • Fixed a bug regarding sending attachments by email from the detail view. Additionally if "Settings", "Display and Use", "Detail view", "Attach ICS file" is turned off, the app "WhatsApp" should appear as a choice when choosing "Send email" from the menu of the detail view. This way you can send an event with WhatsApp.
  • An optional delete button for tasks was added to the reminders pop-up.
  • Snoozed reminders are now removed when the corresponding task or event was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when adding or displaying attachments.
  • Fixed a bug where wrong font colors were used for the reminder pop-up window that displays only a single reminder (the multi reminder pop-up was fine).
  • Fixed two bugs that were reported as crash reports via the "Report" button when an app crashes.