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New version 1.0.176

  • Modernized icon
  • Changes of Google calendars can be displayed as status bar notifications when they occur ("Settings > Visibility/Download > blue button"). I.e. you can see when someone else adds, changes or removes an event in a shared calendar.
  • Added support for WhatsApp Business.
  • Hangout links in descriptions are now only displayed in the detail view but not in the calendar views (because the description Google Calendar generates for Hangouts links is very long). It can be configured under "Settings > Display and Use > General > Hide Google Hangout text in description".
  • Added a way to attach files to events directly from Google Drive without downloading or copying them.
  • When selecting a location in the edit view, a Google Maps link to the place (including ratings and other information) can now be saved into the description field.
  • It is now possible to dismiss birthday notifications if "Settings > Display and Use > General > Keep in notification bar for the whole day" is turned off.