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New version 1.0.127

  • A nicer detail view has been added ("Settings", "Display and Use", "Detail view", "New detail view"). It can display all available map and navigation apps when an event has a location.
  • Fixed a bug when choosing "Snooze", "Dismiss" in the pop-up reminder screen (however it works fine if only "Dismiss" or only "Snooze" is selected).
  • The small (optional) month view in the week view can be tapped to open the month view tab now.
  • A new time format "Short 12h[:mm]a/p" has been added.
  • A bug was fixed where the tabs in the landscape day view were not correctly hidden in some cases.
  • Due to changes (bugs?) in Google Calendar recurring events now sometimes seem to have no end date, only a start date. This was unexpected for CalenGoo and caused a crash when this event was processed. It has been fixed now.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the sound if the multi-reminder pop-up was used but configured to not be displayed immediately when the reminder is due.
  • Improved the "Settings", "Information", "Database", "Optimize database" function and then handling of deleted events.