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Downloading more than one month of the past with the Android Calendar

Normally Android only downloads events one month into the past on the first sync. Afterward it downloads all new and changed events. With a trick you can extend this range (at least on most Android devices): Just export your calendar data in Google Calendar (“Settings”, “Calendar settings”, “Calendars”, “Export calendars”) and re-import it again afterward (“Settings”, “Calendar settings”, “Calendars”, “Import calendar”, you have to unzip the ZIP file from “Export calendars” first). Then all events will appear to be changed and will be downloaded by the Android calendar.

Please ensure that you do not accidentally erase all your events. When using "Export calendars" you will get a ZIP file containing ICS files with your events. Ensure that all your calendars are in the ZIP file and that the ICS files are large enough to contain your events. You can also open the ICS files with a text editor, they are normal text files. But ensure that you do not modify them and accidentally make them unusable.