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Beta version 1.0.178 (1173)

  • Google Tasks can only save 8192 characters in the notes of a task. If a task cannot be uploaded during a sync, CalenGoo now offers the user to truncate all tasks with notes longer than 8192 characters.
  • Better Android 9 icon for the voice shortcut.
  • Added an HTML editor for the notes of Exchange tasks.
  • Bug fix for Exchange tasks with HTML notes.
  • Bug fix for adding/configuring CalDAV accounts.
  • Bug fix for removing non-dismissable notifications.
  • Bug fix for setting the due date of Exchange tasks in certain time zones.
  • When the login to Exchange fails during syncing the tasks, the login screen is automatically opened.
  • Bug fix for viewing local attachments.
  • Added a dismiss button to the notifications that is displayed if "Settings > Reminders > Prevent dismissing notifications by swipe gestures" had been turned on.
  • Added a better error message if a local attachment cannot be opened.