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Beta version 1.0.175 (865)

  • Bug fix for the mute during night function on devices that wake CalenGoo too early.
  • Extended the long-press "move" function in the agenda view to make it possible to move the events onto previous days.
  • Bug fix for using the background color of events for the background of days. Instead of using the event's color the calendar's color was accidentally used.
  • Bug fix for the calendar selection bar.
  • The voice widget now uses the settings for floating events, default privacy and default free/busy.
  • When using "Network Push" for reminders, the AlarmManager and JobScheduler are now also used so that at least one of them might display the reminders correctly.
  • Bug fix for an error message when importing templates from Google Drive.
  • Added a warning that is displayed when deleting tasks in events from the detail view.
  • Bug fix for scrolling the current day to the top in the agenda view.
  • Bug fix for sending Google Keep notes with images to CalenGoo.
  • Bug fix for scrolling the current day to the top in the agenda view.
  • Big fix for a crash when opening events from the "Upcoming reminders" screen.
  • Bug fix for the log files.
  • The detail view can now show the duration of all-day events in days.
  • Bug fixes for editing the Outlook 'away' status.
  • When tapping the month name in the date picker a list of month names is now displayed to quickly select a certain month.
  • Calendars that were hidden in a certain calendar view are now displayed crossed out in the calendar selection bar.