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Beta version 1.0.182 (1521)

  • Bug fix for escaping commas in descriptions in CalDAV events.
  • Bug fix for uploading events to iCloud and other CalDAV servers.
  • Bug fix for printing multi-day all-day events.
  • Bug fix for displaying tasks without a due date in the agenda view.
  • Added a warning toast for local photo attachments.
  • Added debug output for local attachments.
  • Bug fix for a problem that caused tasks to be displayed twice in the agenda view.
  • Additional debug output for the speech function.
  • Added a warning notification that is displayed when the automatic backup was turned off due to an error.
  • If no backup can be created in the backup directory, the backup directory setting is cleared so that the backup directory has to be selected again under "Settings > Backups > Automatic backups" afterward. This way CalenGoo also gets the permission for the directory again.