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Beta version 1.0.171 (504)

  • Bug fix for old Android version.
  • New event tickets version, bug fix for changed colors of tabs. The "event tickets" menu will now only be displayed for users with a provider from the Netherlands.
  • Bug fix, when editing a subscribed web calendar account the previously entered username and password can now be re-used.
  • Translations
  • Bug fix for tapping on a date header in the agenda widget.
  • Added support for Chromebooks.
  • Added a "Settings > Support" menu to send support emails directly from within the app.
  • Added a new option under "Settings > Contact notifications" to display the SMS symbol also for events where the title of the event is searched in the contacts. This can be useful when creating these events e.g. from the Google Calendar website to see if CalenGoo has found matching contacts and will send an SMS. However it might slow down the day view because the contacts have to be searched for each event. That's why this function is turned off by default.