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Beta version 1.0.181 (1400)

  • Bug fix for older Android versions.
  • Added a configuration option under "Settings > Accounts" for directly synced Exchange accounts to specify how events should be deleted (i.e. if they should be moved to the trash or be deleted immediately).
  • Added a checkbox in the attendees selection screen to include the Global Address List (Exchange) when searching contacts with the autocomplete text field.
  • Better support for Global Address Lists (Exchange).
  • Bug fix, Exchange calendars do not support selecting individual days for a recurring event.
  • Added support for face recognition instead of using a fingerprint sensor.
  • When completing a task its reminder notifications are removed from the status bar.
  • Improvements for holiday calendars.
  • Added a way to create Hangout links in Google events (just select "Create Hangout link" from the menu of the event edit screen).
  • Replaced "pending" by "incomplete" in the sort options for tasks.
  • Additional color option for the status icons of tasks in the agenda widget. Bug fix for not displaying the upload status icon of local tasks in the agenda widget.
  • Bug fix for using "tasks in events" in events with HTML descriptions.