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Beta version 1.0.179 (1210)

  • Bug fix for moving events between different Google accounts.
  • Improvement for displaying timeouts.
  • When using the "send email" button in the detail view it is now possible to include the Google Drive attachments of the event in the email. dom 2019-08-14 00:44
  • The agenda view now supports a few multi select functions. Just long press an event and select "Select multiple entries". Then check events and afterward you can delete them, move them to a different day or move them into a different calendar using the buttons at the top of the screen.
  • Moved the sync of Google tasks into a Worker Thread.
  • Started working on multi selection in the agenda view.
  • Added an option for a shorter date format to the agenda view.
  • Bug fix for deleting tasks by opening them from the widget.
  • Displaying the folder name of the Google Drive backup folder in the backup screen.
  • Bug fix for accidentally opening the description editor in the edit view twice.