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Beta version 1.0.180 (1349)

  • Extended the event debug function.
  • Added an option to load the descriptions of events only as text (instead of HTML) from Exchange (under "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance").
  • It is now possible to display empty task lists in the task widget.
  • The "icons only" month widget now displays the icons without a colored background.
  • Larger icons in the "icons only" month widget.
  • Bug fix for using the custom date format ("Settings > Date format") for the created and modified date in the detail view.
  • Bug fix for uploading "from completion date" to Toodledo.
  • Added additional time stamp options.
  • Changed the default color of the due headers in the task view.
  • Small bug fix for the settings of the month widget.
  • Bug fixes and workarounds for syncing CalDAV e.g. with servers that don't support a sync token and ctag.
  • Small bug fix for preventing an ANR timeout when trying to re-send SMS messages on devices with a very slow Android calendar.