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Beta version 1.0.181 (1411)

  • Added a warning with further information to the "Settings > Reminders" screen if reminders were displayed too late probably due to incorrect battery settings of the phone.
  • Bug fix for using the "standard view" setting for the back button in the vertically scrollable month view.
  • Bug fix for the backup settings screen in dark mode.
  • Bug fixes for setting reminders after the start of an event by picking an absolute time.
  • When deleting an event using the drag&drop menu, you can now choose between deleting the single event or this&future events.
  • Bug fix for using "Don't show again" with WhatsApp links.
  • Added support for accepting audio files from other apps via their "Share" function and attaching them to events.
  • Bug fix for a permission problem when importing templates from Google Drive that were not uploaded by CalenGoo for Android (but e.g. manually by using the Google Drive website).
  • Bug fix for importing templates with locations.
  • Bug fix for exporting and importing templates.
  • Bug fix for displaying completed tasks in the task widget.
  • Modifications for Android 11. The backups are now moved to Downloads/calengoo/backups, which is the recommended place in Android 11.