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Beta version 1.0.177 (990)

  • Added an option under "Settings > Tasks > Agenda view" to display tasks in the agenda view with a colored background bar.
  • Added support for a full screen mode for the calendar view.
  • Added an option to always sync all task lists of a CalDAV server ("Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Always sync all CalDAV task lists") instead of only the changed ones for servers that do not handle the ctag correctly.
  • Added a setting for the font color of the sunrise/sunset line in the agenda view.
  • Added an option to drag the month view in a background thread (under "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance"). Can make the month view faster on some devices but can also cause the month view to flicker.
  • Set a label for the activities to check if that makes them appear in the recent apps list on a certain device.
  • Added a setting to disable the pinch gesture in the day view.
  • Bug fix for scrolling the week view multiple weeks at once.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut "g" to jump to a date.
  • Bug fix for exporting the transparency of an event into an ICS file.