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Beta version 1.0.175 (831)

  • - Dark mode for the "unanswered invitations" screen.
  • - Bug fix for the sunrise/sunset settings screen.
  • - Bug fix for not displaying the current date on startup.
  • - The new Google Calendar website supports bullet lists and numbered lists. CalenGoo can display these now correctly, too (only display, when editing you will still see html tags).
  • - Added an option to show tasks without a due date in the week widget.
  • - Bug fix for parsing certain Windows time zone names from ICS files.
  • - Added an option "Settings > Customer notifications > Add SMS reminder when linking a contact to an event." to automatically create an SMS reminder when a contact is linked to an event in the edit view.
  • - The "Start from Monday" setting for the week view can now also be used if "weekend days half-height" is turned off.
  • - Added support for displaying Skype links for phone numbers ("Settings > Display and Use > Detail view > Also show Skype links for phone numbers").
  • - Added support for navigating with "SBB Mobile".
  • - Bug fix for the Baikal login.
  • - Bug fix for a crash in the "public calendars" screen when subscribing to a Google holidays calendar.