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Beta version 1.0.180 (1346)

  • Bug fix for adding the voice widget to the home screen.
  • Added a better left/right slide animation for using the prev/next event swipe gesture in the detail view "Settings > Display and Use > Detail view > Open previous/next event using a swipe gesture".
  • Added a new setting to specify the default free/busy value for all-day and timed events separately ("Settings > Display and Use > Edit view").
  • Using a different way to compute the next reminder after snoozing a reminder.
  • The task list header now uses a black font if the task list color is too bright.
  • Improved "Settings > Information > Network Test"
  • Bug fix for downloading public calendars from ICS sources (the events were accidentally marked as "not uploaded").
  • The sync with Google Calendar now uses OkHttp to support IPv6.
  • Added a switch under "Settings > Tasks > Show due date headers" to turn the due date headers in the task view off.
  • Bug fix for the background color of hints in the "Settings > Visibility/Download" screen.
  • Added the "Transfer to new phone" function to the "Settings > Support" screen.