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Beta version 1.0.170 (459)

  • Added a warning if a calendar is hidden due to the "Google visibility" setting in the "Settings > Visibility/Download" screen.
  • Bug fix for the calendar selection bar.
  • Added an option to show the new date for a recurring task for a longer time ("Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance")
  • Spanish translation
  • Bug fix for the birthday overview list.
  • Added a temporary workaround for loading large task lists.
  • Performance improvement for the sort by "pending/due date/reminder" option.
  • Turned "largeHeap" on to solve out of memory problems if a lot of tasks with a lot of notes have to be loaded.
  • The system information now shows some information about the memory of the device.
  • Bug fix for a crash
  • It is now possible so select overlapped events in the landscape day view (before always the topmost was selected).
  • Bug fix for creating events with the current time.
  • Added a margin to the PDF file of the agenda print function.
  • Added a toolbar with a menu button to the "Manage lists" screen.
  • Bug fix, the "auto hide" function accidentally prevented the "repeat alarm" function from working correctly.
  • Bug fix for a crash.
  • Changed how the JobScheduler is used to fix a problem.