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Beta version 1.0.178 (1175)

  • Bug fix for displaying the correct toolbar when the app is started.
  • Bug fix for a crash if "Don't keep activities" is turned on.
  • Bug fix for the location picker hint
  • Bug fix for dismissing notifications.
  • Added CalDAV debug output.
  • Bug fix for displaying faded past events in the month widget with rounded banners.
  • Added additional debug output for moving events between calendars.
  • Using a vector drawable for a status bar notification.
  • You can now tap the "Notes" headline in the task edit screen to edit the notes of the task.
  • You can now select a text e.g. in GMail and share it with CalenGoo's new "Parse" activity to let CalenGoo create a new event from it by trying to find the date and time of the event in the text. Something similar is already possible using CalenGoo's "Voice" widget.