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Beta version 1.0.175 (828)

  • Added a function to show "Unanswered invitations" in the search view.
  • Added a new option "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Automatically search for matching contacts when typing the location".
  • Added support for displaying the due date and the first reminder of tasks in the "bars" agenda widget.
  • The background color of the header of the current day in the week view can now be changed.
  • Fixed the design of the attendee display in the detail view.
  • Bug fix for using the Google Calendar font colors ("Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Use Google Calendar font colors") for the agenda view, too.
  • Bug fix for moving all-day events using the "Move to date" function in the detail view and the automatic floating events function to another date when CalenGoo's time zone and the system time zone differ.
  • Bug fix for tasks in events.
  • Bug fix for the ICS export screen.
  • Bug fix for a crash in the task edit screen when switching between "endless" and "limited".
  • Bug fix for a crash when attaching photos to tasks.