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Beta version 1.0.171 (500)

  • Added an option to automatically edit the end time of an event after the start time has been edited ("Settings > Display and Use > Edit view >Automatically edit end time after start time").
  • Speed improvement for saving events and calculating reminders.
  • The color of the current day's date can now be configured separately for the month widget.
  • The size of the CalDAV requests is now logged.
  • Bug fix for a ConcurrentModificationException in the notification pop-up.
  • Bug fix for a ConcurrentModificationException crash.
  • Templates can now be exported/imported to/from Google Drive (like the settings).
  • Added a function to select a default account for contacts (under "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view") if your phone has multiple contact accounts.
  • The Android 5 style agenda view now also supports inverting the font color if necessary (and if configured under "General").