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Beta version 1.0.180 (1354)

  • Bug fix for uploading files to Google Drive.
  • Bug fix for completing tasks from the notification.
  • Added a confirmation dialog before deleting history entries.
  • Bug fix for a crash
  • Longer date format for the share function in the detail view.
  • Added start date support for Exchange tasks.
  • Added a setting to configure how many lines the "multi line title field" in the edit view should display.
  • Bug fix for the week widget.
  • Added a switch to copy the title into the "text" instead of the "subject" when using the "share" function in the detail view.
  • Added a setting to delete completed tasks instead of moving them to Google's completed tasks list when using "Clear completed".
  • Added an option to automatically search the history when entering a location (if the single line editor is used for the location, not the full screen editor).
  • Bug fix for searching CalDAV accounts.
  • Bug fix for a function that removes unused objects from the database.
  • Added CalDAV tasks log output.
  • Bug fix for sorting tasks in the month view.
  • Added color settings for the due date headers in the task widget.