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Background Process

CalenGoo uses a background service called “BackgroundSync” that handles the following functions:
  • If you sync CalenGoo directly with Google Calendar and “Auto Sync” is turned on, it will run the sync at the specified times.
  • If you sync CalenGoo with Google Tasks and “Auto Sync” is turned on, it will run the sync at the specified times.
  • If you use one or more of CalenGoo’s widgets it will update them.
  • If you use CalenGoo’s reminder functions, it will display your reminders at the appropriate time.
  • If you use CalenGoo’s automatic mute function it will mute the phone during events or during the night.
  • If you use CalenGoo’s floating events, they will be moved to the next day at midnight.
  • If you use CalenGoo’s automatic backups, they will be created at midnight.
So it is important that this process is running if you would like to use these services. Normally you don’t have to do anything, it will just run automatically. But if you are using a “task killer” that stops these background processes, these functions may stop working. If you have problems please check if the “BackgroundSync” process is running and hasn’t been stopped. Please start the “Settings” app, tap “Applications”, “Running services” and check the time “CalenGoo” or “BackgroundSync” has been running. The time should be roughly the same time other services that are running all the time (like the “Market” or “Maps” app) have been running, i.e. since the phone was turned on:

Using apps like System Panel it is also possible to see how much CPU time CalenGoo has used to estimate its battery usage.

If you have a Sony device, please ensure that either the "Stamina mode" is turned off or that CalenGoo was added as an exception (in the "Settings" app under "Power management", "Stamina mode", "+ Add applications". Otherwise CalenGoo will be stopped when the screen is turned off and cannot display any reminders or update your widgets.