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Beta version 1.0.177 (1017)

  • It is now possible to switch between both combo box designs under "Settings > Design > Combo boxes".
  • Speed improvements for starting the app.
  • The location text in the Android 5 style detail view is now selectable.
  • Added support for importing attendees from ICS files.
  • The edit view displays a menu button now if the toolbar has been turned off.
  • Bug fix for the weather GPS function.
  • Added a new style for the combo boxes in the settings.
  • Added a function to automatically search history entries when typing the title of an event ("Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Automatically search history for matching entries when typing the title").
  • Added an option to turn the close button for the month pop-up off.
  • Design improvements for several settings screens.
  • Speed improvements for uploading Google tasks.