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Beta version 1.0.176 (929)

  • It is now possible to specify the sort order for tasks in the scrollable agenda widget.
  • Added an option for the task widget to display only today's and tomorrow's tasks.
  • Speed improvements for displaying icons in the edit screen.
  • The new icon is now used for notifications from the desktop.
  • Bug fix for the dismiss all button.
  • Added a toolbar to the "select attendee" screen.
  • Added a switch to make tasks recurring by default.
  • Bug fix for long pressing the date header on the left side of the single column week view to create a new event.
  • Bug fix for the "Fade edges" setting of the agenda widget.
  • The selected tab in the time chooser is not linked any more between the edit view's reminders and the snooze function in the detail view.